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Crocheted Flute Snowman Table Decoration


Commissioned exclusively for Flute Emporium is the first of "many to come" unique items'! This adorable snowman is crocheted with "NEW" plastic bags and surely will be a conversation in your home by all who view it.

1. Main body is white with black specks interwoven to give highlight and definition.

2. Scarf is tan with red and green specks.

3. Hat is entirely black and adorned with holly berries and leaves with a small pine cone to finish the ensemble.

4. Cute carrot nose is true to life in bright orange.

5. Eyes and buttons on main body are crotchet into the weave so they will never dislodge.

6. Arms have wire inside to provide secure use for a lifetime.

7. Inside body is stuffed firmly with plastic bags to define shape and to guarantee maximum support forever.

8. Wooden silver metallic flute with black key's and embouchure plate.

9. The large ruffle at base is very full and becomes yet another aspect which makes this flute collectible unique.

10.Measurements: 10" high by 7" diameter ruffle at base and snowman main body is 3-1/2" in diameter.

CLEANING: Cleanse with damp warm cloth and towel dry,


Exclusive to Flute Emporium

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