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"Miss Sunshine" Flute Scarecrow Shelf Sitter


This is one of our favorite holiday collectibles because she is so unique in so many ways. "Miss Sunshine" as she is known, is a staggering 23" tall, but she can't stand up on her own. She is a shelf sitter and measures 12" when seated. Therefore, she has a block of wood built into her clothing and it keeps her more stable where ever she is placed. Wearing a true denim fabric pinafore with large sunflower and long sleeves enable you to see all her highlights. The underlay outfit is a Fall fabric design in orange, brown, tan, black, and green with pumpkins, leaves, and other foliage. Her feet are black fabric with the straw hanging out from underneath her ankles. Wearing a straw hat, tilted back on her head, you see her straw bang's, and fall hair ribbons. Her face is crafted in muslin and she has the biggest eyes, cute nose, sweet smile and rosy cheeks (she loves using blush). Playing a wood flute with silver keys she is in 7th heaven! "Miss Sunshine" would make a beautiful addition to so places within the flutist home or studio. She will become a conversation piece in your home.

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