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Music Instructor "Wrong Note Jar"

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Collectible handcrafted from top to bottom and side to side. Measurements are 4" X 4 " X 4.75". Background color of cream enhances the country blue which forms all the borders. On three (3) sides of the jar are music staff with notes. The fourth side relays the message: "Wrong Notes Played by My Students". The lid of jar warns: "Caution! Do Not Open"

This delightful collectible will be forever mentioned by those who view it. As a teacher myself I have to say my students have begun the practice of dropping in pennies after lessons for their wrong notes. The tradition started as a lark, but has become a ritual carried on and passed from student to student.

Ideal gift for any music teacher from piano to percussion.

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Music Instructor "Wrong Note Jar"
Music Instructor "Wrong Note Jar"
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