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Flutist Creed


The Flutist Creed was inspired, written, and followed by the author who is a flutist. Its goal is to provide a message to keep flutists focused during their music journey.

To become the flutist I wish to be,

I will practice and follow The Flutist Creed:

* Maintain my flute in playing condition
* Develop my embouchure so it's strong and flexible
* Perfect my hand and finger positions
* Practice my tonal studies, scales, arpeggios, etudes, and solos daily
* Never stop counting and checking my rhythms
* Keep a metronome and tuner at my side
* Participate in solo and ensemble performances to enhance my playing
* Respect my flute instructors who give me their knowledge
* Leave some of my spirit in everything I play
* Cherish my fluting gift and share it with others
* Believe in myself and my glorious talent

If I faithfully practice and follow The Flutist Creed,
I will become the flutist I truly dreamed!

Printed on beautiful music paper with red border, French model low "B" flute, long stem red rose and measures 8-1/2" x 11" with red wood frame. A wonderful gift for students, incentive awards, recital recognition, or displayed in teaching studio.

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