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Plush Doogie Dog Pen

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Doogie debuted this at the National Flute Association Convention in Chicago inAugust 2014. Our customers thought he was a dalmatian, so that is what we state he is by unanimous vote. Doogie measures 8" tall and is created in a light tan plush. Eyes are black beads, nose, mouth and paws are black stitching and he is holding a silver metallic wood flute. When one lifts Doogie up by his red collar the picture at the bottom of this listing occurs, and you have a marvelous pen which is light and easy to hold. You can be sure no one will walk away accidently with your pen in the future!

The dog has soft stuffing upper body and bottom is a bean bag to ensure dog always remains standing. This plush item weighs 9.5oz.

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Plush Doogie Dog Pen
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