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Flute Player Figurine with Hourglass


Figurine crafted in nuts and bolts with beautiful design and intricate cutouts on the hourglass. Total figurine measures 4.75" tall with 4.75" base Flutist measures 4.75" tall x 2.o" at feet and flute 3.25" in length. Rhe hourglass measures 4.0" high and 2.5" wide. Intricate design at top and bottom of the hourglass is composed of small hearts and border tapped into copper metal. Hourglass rotates on its holder so the sand can be run through its glass (Sorry, but random sand colors do not permit choices. Colors are purple, blue, and pink. The base of the figurine is oval shaped with brushed copper look for dimensional aspects. Flute instrument has bolts for keys and players arms rest on flute.

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Flute Player Figurine with Hourglass
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